What is SEO Keyword Research? Definition Guide


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Process Keyword Research

When you decide to
write a post for your site. There is one process that you should pay attention to and
do first. So that the writing you create can reach the right audience and your
site gets a lot of visits. The process is called keyword research. This aims to
make the content ranked first on google and easy to find

In relation to the
application of SEO for blog content as well as business digital sites, the
important thing that you should pay attention to is the keywords used in the
content. Through the use of the right keywords, the content you create can
compete with other content and can win the competition to occupy page one of

But what is a keyword
research really and how to do keyword research well to maximize the content we

In this post, we will
give you the simplest answer to this question so that you who are new to SEO
can try and apply it well.

is Keyword Research

Keyword research is
the process of determining what keywords are suitable for use when creating
articles on a blog or website. By doing research can find out what phrases
people use when searching in search engines such as Google, bing, and so on.

When you do your
research you can find out what keywords are the potential to be used as
content. When you get potential keywords you can more easily get traffic or
visitors to your website.

Keyword types are
divided into two-term: Short Tail Keyword and Long Tail Keyword. However, some
people mention there is 4 plus with timeless keywords and seasonal keywords.
After knowing about this one, continue to know about how important keyword
research is.

Keyword Research Is So Important

Maybe you are asking,
How important is keyword research? Keyword research serves to determine
potential keywords or know what topics people are looking for on Google.

When you know what
topics people are looking for on google you can create quality articles by
targeting those keywords. With this research, you can also find out the
estimated number of visitors who are looking for keywords and see the
competition in search engines.

If you don’t do the keyword research you can’t know the number of searches and the difficulty level
of the keywords, you’re targeting.

For example, you
create content by targeting keywords as you see fit, once you check the articles
you create are on page one of the search results. But the article does not get
traffic, When you check it turns out that the keyword is low search volume and
low difficulty level.

Another example, you
target the keyword “Sell Men’s Shirts” When you’re not doing research
you won’t know the difficulty level of the keyword. Whereas the keyword has a
high level of difficulty because the type of commercial keyword and page one
are mostly filled by the marketplace website. So you will waste creating content
with those keywords.

Fundamentals of Keyword Research

So how is the right
way to do keyword research in order to successfully master the first page of
Google? Here are some important basics for doing keyword research.

Your Niche

According to keyword
tool, before researching keywords, it’s a good idea to learn more about your
niche or topic from your content.

This is done so that
you get ideas that are out of the box to set the SEO strategy (Search Engine
Optimization) or marketing.
  Here are some
ways or tips to learn the niche in the process of keyword research:

with visitors who have been loyal to you. Ask them what terms they use when
searching for your product or company.

thinking from a visitor’s perspective.

involved in your online topic or niche community online. This can be done
through forums spread across various social media.

of The Relevant Keyword

After learning your
niche well, slowly try to create a list of terms that are relevant to your
niche or topic.
Let’s say your topic is about ‘digital marketing’ then make a list of terms
relevant to that topic.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Part of Digital

Make as many lists as
possible, so that when doing keyword research does not have to go the hard way.
If it’s domiciled somewhere, add it to make it look more specific.
as many as possible, so that the keyword research doesn’t get dizzy or

a Seed Keyword

What is seed keyword?
According to the Keyword Tool, seed keyword is the seed keyword or focus
keyword. Arguably, seed keyword is the featured keyword from the list of
keywords that you have created before.

Seed keyword has an
important role because this will be the basis of keyword research. Seed keyword
can also be said as a term that will be often searched by audiences or visitors
through Google.

In addition, with seed
keyword you will also know who are the competitors of your topic. This way, you
can find the weak points of your competitors.

Once you’ve done those
three. You’ll have the resources to do keyword research more targeted. And find
out-of-the-box ideas about the content you create. Keyword research can be done
by paying attention to some of the keywords research sites you use.

About this, it will be
discussed in a separate post so that you can do the three basics of the keyword
research process first.

State the Search
Engine Result Page (SERP) Aim

SERP shows the quality of website pages
that are ranked at the top in keyword search results. SERP will help you
present quality website pages that can rank at the top of Google search

There are many types of SERP that Google
displays on the first page of its search. You can search for the type of SERP
and determine the target you want your site to get. it will also lead you to
choose the most relevant type of keywords.

Also Important: What is SERP and why it important

Okay, these posts are about SEO keyword research this time. If you find this helpful don’t forget to
share it with others. Thank you for your visit and have a nice day!


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